Hiiiihihihiiiii <3

I go by KittyGirly online xD If you wanna meet up in person, I can let u know my in-person name ^_^
I'm living in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. I believe all songs have different volumes required to fully appreciate it and i tend to eat alot of pizza and poutine :]

I'm single (sorta bisexual but i def dont like boys over 24) atm and looking for freeeenz and stuff :D I'm not a total bitch hehehee - I'm not like one of those girls that cross their legs around ppl all the time or anything like that :-)

My frenz and such are always between anything a legal age up to about 24 or so.

I'm a girl born w a bit of a gender issue that i had to take hormones for (i don't identify as 'trans'). Feel free to ask me any questions you may have x

I've been gaming for a long time and that's a hobby of mine as well; I've mainly played MMOs (WoW, Tera and Darkfall) with the occasional FPS game (The Cycle, CSGO and Overwatch)

Self proclaimed noob 100% xD I don't play to win and try hard, i just play for the fun and social interactions that gaming brings :)

I like movies and music, and hanging out in parks and such as well. Let's be freeeennnzz !!

Enjoy xo

I'll add some pics of myself sooooooon

I use the following social apps:

Feel free to ask for my social app usernames :D

I also use email !!!!!!!: to added soon